Maximise product reviews - 3 Amazing tricks for E-commerce

3 Tricks for Receiving
Maximum Product Reviews on your Ecom store Your products are not going to sell without genuine, amazing reviews. You know that and I know that. 91% of people read online reviews before buying, 84% trust them as a personal recommendation, and 69% buy products based on that recommendation. So by Simply allowing reviews on your website, you can easily spin a 360 on your business image. So lets get to the tricks on how to receive maximum reviews- 1. Ask for a review on your checkout page, as a pop-up after making a purchase, you can also send an email request after item delivery has been confirmed,.. these simple requests can make a big difference.  2 Give incentive to your customers Customers love discounts and free shipping, so offer these perks in exchange for a review. 3. Schedule your ask. Set up an automated email that goes out a week or so after a purchase, you can contact customers for review requests while your products are still fresh in their minds. My suggestion – talk to your store designer today to integrate a software to send automatic review requests. And Not to forget the pro tip – always try to respond to a negative review and own up if you made a mistake, 45% of negative reviews are taken down if handled properly. Except when its a troll then best leave it alone, and not feed the negativity. I am Mehak Kaur from Flow Marketing and you can check our reviews on our website.

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