Should you sell on Shopify or Amazon?

Should you sell on Shopify or Amazon? If you are into ecommerce or thinking of opening your online store – you have probably heard of both and know that you will pay a monthly subscription to them to have access to all the tools and resources they offer. But they are not the same! on one hand Amazon makes it really easy for you to sell online – all you need is register, upload a picture of your product, title, description, payment setup and you are good to go While on other hand shopify is easy too with the ability to build your website So whats better among the two – shopify and amazon. Lets see 1. Buyers Traffic – selling through Amazon is like having a stall in a famous supermarket. Thousands of people swarm in to browse and buy – Selling with Shopify is more like renting a building to set up your business. You have your own space and customers actually come looking for your store. But you still have to promote your website and invest in mktg , advertisements so they know your brand Competition 2. Competition Amazon sells millions of products, so you’re up against a ton of competition. At times you’ll be directly competing with Amazon itself. But with shopify people come to your website and buy only your product. 3. Pricing Overall Shopify offers better value for money. It’s cheaper than Amazon’s Professional plan, and is more scalable and transparent with its pricing whereas With Amazon you pay a commission per item sold but that’s not the case with shopify. 4. Payment options Shopify offers their payment option called Shopify Payment. If you use this payment option, you don’t pay any transaction fees. In addition to Shopify Payment,Shopify offers many more payment options as compared to Amazon. 5. Fulfillment and Shipping Fulfillment is a huge part of selling online. If it’s not up to par, it can hurt your business reputation. One of the best features of Amazon is FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon.Amazon handles everything from storage, packing, fulfillment to customer service. Also, they can fulfill orders across multiple channels. On the other hand Shopify is also building its own fulfillment network but it will take a while for Shopify to meet the standards set by Amazon So Which is best? Shopify and Amazon cater for different types of online sellers. Amazon is good for short-term testing And Shopify is ideal if u are looking to build your empire with the brand for long term Overall, I recommend having both because Amazon and Shopify are pretty well-matched. They both offer certain things which the other does not. I am mehak kaur from Flow Marketing and i can help you set up your online store reach us at –

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